Make your content irresistible to your audience

Make your content irresistible to your audience

Essential recipes that make your content irresistible to your audience

All around you is content! Our world is literally submerged in an exhaustible pool of content. This is not 2002, where you write content, and you force it down the throat of your audience because they have so little else to resort to online. 

Today, the internet is soaked with content. Therefore, if your content is poor, your website visitors are readily jumping off to that of your competitor.

The reality here is that amidst a drowning volume of content squeezed online, it takes effort and diligence to get yours standing out. What is worth doing is worth doing well - and there is no better place where this applies than in content creation.

The benefits of investing judiciously in content creation are open for all to see. Yes, work goes in, but the harvests are bountifully gratifying in terms of amplified SEO rankings, increased visitor retention, and a mouthwatering climb in your conversion rates.

Hey, don't get panicky either; good content is far easier than building Elon Musk's space rockets. Let us tacitly explore some of the recipes you should toast into your content to make it irresistible to your audience.

Don't joke with originality

Originality is one of the most fundamental – if not the most fundamental – pillars of content creation. Duplicating content severely tarnishes your reputation. You know how disqualifying it is to show up for a church interview drunk? Well, copying content comes close in terms of how it severely devastates the credibility of your website.

More than throwing your readers off in disgust, Google is going to surely give you the whipping you so badly deserved. Search engines like Google have been pretty energetic in penalizing duplicated content. The last thing you want is Google indexing your website as a "spam" site. It that sadly happens, it is game over, pack up your website, and go drive Uber!  

I can't scream it loud enough: NEVER copy content if you are ambitious about the growth and credibility of your website. Google gluttonously savors originality. It shows you are investing ample effort in your content production process. Search engines aren't generous with their traffic.

Your content needs to reasonably reflect your passion and enthusiasm for the subject. This shows your emotional connection to it, which is typical of subject matter experts. 

Premium content is irresistible. If you can't produce it yourself, don't cry your life out. Invest in getting a quality writer or producer to feed your audience with content that gets them smacking their lips in delight. This way, you would sustainably enhance your brand credibility, while shooting up your search engine rankings.   

Be extremely generous with the value your content offers

Your audience's time is valuable and should be cherished. If they choose to spend it watching one movie the eighth time, it is well spent since it is their time. But if they are going to spend that time on your content, it must be worth it. Your content MUST feed your audience to stupor with value.

The way I see it, you have failed if your reader reads your content and leaves the same way they started it. Every second spent on your content must be nourishing in terms of improving your reader. 

This may be professional growth (in terms of skills and insights they have learned from the article) or even attitudinal. The onus is that value must be passed on. 

To give ample value to your audience, you must step into their shoes when producing the content. What are the most pressing needs you would have that could inspire you to read that article or watch that video? What problems are you expecting the content to solve for you? These would be your audience's pain points.

To create perfect value in your content, you must substantially personalize the content to your audience persona. That means your content should be written to appeal to their income category, age range, beliefs, and even geophysical locations.   

By aiming for value, you should be looking to furnish your content amply with actionable insights. Effectively, you want to save your audience money and time. It is only natural for your audience to come back for more if you can reasonably assuage their curiosity. This means that your content sufficiently answers the questions ringing in their minds.

This way, you incrementally consolidate your position as an authority in your niche. Consequently, if they need credible information about a subject in your industry, you will undoubtedly be their first point of call.   

Headlines make or break your content

Headlines are a critical part of your content. Your audience is instinctively spurred to read on or turned off by a momentary glimpse at your headline. Statistics from Copyblogger reveals that while 80% of people read the headline, only 20% will go on to read the main body of your content.

80% is miles off 20%, isn't it? So what happened to the 60% that didn't read the body of the content? They were most likely discouraged by the headline! Just like me, readers have this "mental thermometer" where we measure how hot the article is (in terms of how much value it has) from just the headline.  

When you decorate your content with a captivating headline, it glues the eye of your audience. Humans are quite spontaneous (emotionally spurred) creatures. If something grips their interest instantaneously, they are very likely to delve into that activity at once. They will impulsively click on your content if the headline is that arousing.

Yes, headlines are powerful but don't abuse them. In the online marketing world, many businesses have lost their credibility because of click-bait headlines they use to pull an audience in. Unfortunately, the headline was more hyperbolic than practical in that the advertiser didn't tangibly have what his audience promised.

Yes, such charming click baits will immediately pull in visitors, but it is damned to be shortlived. It strangles your authority so quickly such that your audience will regularly pass on anytime they see content from you.  

Eula Blue prides itself on building the digital credibility and search engine visibility of your clients using cutting-edge content marketing strategies that work incredibly. Kneading compelling content with powerful creatives flavored with rigorous analytics, we can efficiently pull in your targeted market, overwhelming you with your marketing objectives. Reach out to us today, and start your journey to digital stardom.   

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