Amazing hacks to run successful Facebook ads on a small budget

Amazing hacks to run successful Facebook ads on a small budget

Amazing hacks to run successful Facebook ads on a small budget  

It is a common misconception that Facebook advertising is just for the big boys in an industry. Too bad!

We have come across many small business owners who are disinterested in running Facebook ads simply because they are swimming in the myths. One of the most notorious myths is that they will not enjoy meaningful results from any Facebook ad expedition unless they pour in loaded bullion vans into your ad budget. 

This is wrong! You can enjoy tangible – even enviable results – from your Facebook advertising on a small budget if the ads are efficiently run. I agree that there is no way you are getting airtime on traditional marketing platforms like newspapers and TV with your lowly $50. But on Facebook, you can. The good news is the billionaire Zuckerberg hasn't gotten too rich to turn down your $20. 

With an optimal Facebook Business Account, you can sufficiently drive brand awareness, pulling ample targeted traffic to your website, product page, or any particular service you are offering. 

In this guide, we will explicitly explore winning hacks on how to enjoy incredible results from Facebook advertising on a supposedly wretched budget. Don't go mortgaging your beloved spouse just yet; you wouldn't need more than $60 to execute the tactics we will be exploring down the line.  

Make sure you are marketing to a streamlined Facebook audience

I can't perform magic for you buddy; there is no way you are targeting the whole world with an ad budget of $60! With a small budget like you have now, you need a significantly streamlined audience.
This is where buying personas come dancing in. The best way to define your targeted audience is by modeling your buyer persona around the product or service you are offering. 

With a precisely modeled buyer persona, you would be spending your hard-earned bucks on the people that matter most. These are the prospects with the highest possibility of being converted – in terms of taking targeted action or executing the goal of your Facebook advertising campaign.   

The perfect buyer personas are a sect of potential consumers whose interest and demographics are closely related to your market. Demographics here broadly encompass specifics like geophysical consideration of your targeted audience, their income range, needs…making sure it as absolutely refined and segmented as it can be. 

Your goal here with your Facebook ad campaign is to adequately inform your buyer personas that you (or your service) can solve their problem or needs. Such assuredness would pull them through the consideration phase of their customer journey. 
Possibly, you are eyeing an audience spread across several states with your $60 ad budget. Undoubtedly, doing so would drain your ad budget as quickly as trying to outspend Floyd Mayweather on a shopping escapade. 
With a reasonably extended geographical audience –say spanning three American states – it is more economical to go with Lifetime Budgets of around $15-20 for each ad campaign spread over like 4 days.  

Make sure your ad sweeps your audience off their feet

Remember your days in high school? If you have to ask that coveted cheerleader out and haven't got much money, you definitely have to be extremely romantic! The same applies to your Facebook audience. You don't have a large budget; therefore, your ad has to be terrifically compelling.

Truth is, you don't have many shots to shoot actually. This is why you need to captivate your audience as quickly as possible. A compelling ad creative served with a hypnotic ad title could get the job done here. The ad title is one of the first things your prospect is going to see on his newsfeed.

If it "KIDNAPS" their attention, they would peer closer at the creative. If the ad creative is proportionately compelling, they would dwell more on the ad and possibly click the link. We would advise you to iterate your Facebook ad creative (and title) to see which fetches you the most delicious results. How?

You can try out three variants of your ad, creating them first on your spreadsheet. In each of these versions, you can try different copy, visuals, and titles. 

Need an idea? One version should have its title directly tied to the image. Then, another ad variant should have a piercing question for the title. And the last should have a title clearly espousing the purpose of your ad.

Great! Which catches you most? Try your best to pocket your subjectivity and see it as much as possible from the eyes of your prospective audience. If you have made your pick, you could move on to Power Editor to get your ad created.

From our experience, put creative emphasis on the visual content. With a reduced budget, you don't want to feed your audience obese with just text copy. Catchy visuals "hug" their eyeballs, hooking them on the ad. Personally, I call it the Facebook Velcro effect!

You don't need to spend more than $5 on each campaign

By Facebook ad policy, your least daily budget to successfully run a Facebook ad is $1. Being that you have a reduced budget, we will fly the "economic class" and maximize a Lifetime Budget for each of your ad campaigns.  

The beauty of Lifetime Budgets is that you get to set your maximum ad spend. For your very first ad campaigns, we will recommend you set your daily ad spend budget somewhere around $1.50-$3.50. Why are we go so low?

Because we want you to have enough lives to try out your ad variants and see which best gets you the results. If you derived meaningful success of one of these ad campaigns, you could shoot up your spending correspondingly.

You could try boosting 3 separate posts each for a week for 4-5 days on a lifetime budget of around $5. The days are not definitive, but you could go with starting the first one at the start of the new week on Monday, following it closely with another on Tuesday, then on Thursday and Friday.

By the time you have run your ads for the first 14 days, spending averagely $10 on two ads, you should have started accumulating reasonable insights on your ad promotion's success. Here you should be keeping a keen eye for vital performance metrics like clicks, likes, and impressions.

In all, these are some insightful ways to run your Facebook ad on a small budget. The emphasis here is creating a perfect blend of results and cost-effectiveness. 

At Eula Blue, we can help you drive your social media marketing, spoiling you with results with a very competitive budget. We have been able to digitally accelerate the market penetration of many brands by cutting edge social media tactics painstakingly mined from our decades of experience, giving our clients maximal results for their dollar. Yes, you don't have to take our word for it. Book a session with us today let us show you we put our money where our mouth is!

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