Best Email Marketing Hacks to Accelerate Growth After COVID

Best Email Marketing Hacks to Accelerate Growth After COVID

Best email marketing hacks to accelerate growth after COVID

I don't need to remind you that the COVID pandemic drastically changed the business atmosphere. Your jolly email marketing tactics that overwhelmed you with results in 2019 may struggle to work today.

Such failure isn't unnatural. For one thing, customer spending power has significantly declined, no thanks to the pandemic. Admittedly, the way your recipients rushed ecstatically at your emails, taking action, is no longer the same.

For big businesses, they have the stacked dollar bags t to pump to revitalize their outbound marketing campaigns. But most likely, you don't, do you?

Well, don't feel too bad. In this guide, we will energetically explore the most effective email marketing hacks to accelerate your growth after the pandemic. Not those slow and steady rickety approaches, these hacks are notorious for their speed of growing your email marketing revenue. Thinking fast and furious speed? You are close.    

Alright, let us dive in!

Don't joke with subject line anymore in your post-COVID emails

It is typical to put so little emphasis on the subject line. After all, who cares??? Well, your recipients terribly care. The subject line is as critical as the first date with your crush. Flop on that first date and forget anything about a relationship!

Yes, your subject line is a critical introduction to your email. I don't care to know the lorry load of juicy stuff you have packed in the body of the email, if the subject line doesn't appeal to me, sorry, I am not opening that email even at gunpoint!

What more, the pandemic severely abbreviated the tolerance and curiosity of your recipients. Sadly, some of them had lost their jobs or precious loved ones. Therefore, if your email comes in (which most likely would be an interruption) and your subject line sucks terribly like 1930 pickup line, whoosh, they are off, and there you are with an unopened email! Well, that is if you are lucky enough not to be added to the spam list.

Relax, it is not like I wasn't going to tell how to craft killer and irresistible subject lines. The simple secret is personalization. 

Personalization "domesticates" your emails. It makes it appear less from that "inanimate" brand and appear more like from a buddy! This is why some strategically inserted emojis work like crazy!

Well, the way you craft your subject line when sending emails after COVID depends a lot on your audience. Generally, we have had amazing results from email campaigns where we flavor up the subject line with interesting statistics (sure to catch the attention of the audience) and less known facts that could trigger their curiosity to open the emails.

Another effective approach is using deadline-centric subject lines that jolt the recipient in the form of them having something to lose if they don't open the email promptly. You could also use announcement-based subject lines or ask the recipient a positively provocative question in the subject line.

If you like the Commando style, you could use an authoritative prompt like "Take Action Now" "Join Now…". Whatever approach you take, the onus is to keep the subject line short, direct, and SWEET. Sorry, no one wants to read your full biography in your subject line – nothing personal, though (wink)!

Maximize your social media

Oh, you thought social media was just for the GIFs? Sorry, think again! Social media can aggressively accelerate your growth after the pandemic if appropriately leveraged for your email marketing. If you don't know, social media is a goldmine for digging up valuable email subscribers.

Here is how to roll on social media in this regard. You could offer freebies on social media that are reserved for email subscribers. This could be promotions, discounts, or giveaways, but strictly for people on your subscriber list. 

No one is going to take offense with you. We all know you can't give everyone on social media these freebies, especially as the World Bank is not funding you.

While reserving these offers for subscribers, give your other audience the opportunity to subscribe to your email list. You can encourage winners of the freebies you are doing to come back to post their testimonials on your social media platform.

This is essentially to spice things up with more credibility and get the other fraction of your audience desirous of what they are supposedly missing out by not subscribing to your email list. What more, you can add subscription buttons (to your email list) to your Instagram account or your Facebook Business Page.

How well are you using mobile optimization?   

If you haven't been maximizing mobile optimization before now, you dare not continue so after the pandemic, if you love your business. The twenty-first century isn't that of your grandpa who wouldn't mind carrying his BULKY desktop computer along with him on a hiking trip. LOL!

Everyone is binging on smartphones, hey, don't blame them. The majority of your recipients check their emails on their smartphones. How about we toast things up with some savory statistics?

Insightful studies from Email Monday reveal that 58% of people begin their day by scrolling through their email inboxes, typically before their customary coffee. Ready for the big bite? Half of these people check their inboxes on their smartphones.  

So, if the emails you are pushing out to your audience are not adequately formatted and optimized for a mobile audience, you are losing a damn lot! Wait, don't hurriedly throw off the remaining percentage of people who open their emails on their computers. Primarily, you should aim for a balance between the mobile and computer audience when sending out emails.  

C'mon, tell a beautiful story!

Who doesn't love a good story? I tell you what, the money I have spent so far on Netflix is enough to get me a cozy apartment in Los Angeles, preferably with the beloved Taylor Swift for my neighbor. Why am I spending so much on Netflix? Because I love good stories – the same goes for your email recipients!  

More than opening your email, you want your recipients to course through the full email to the end, possibly till where you have your call to actions. A good story keeps them hooked on to the end, replenishing their attentiveness on your email copy. 

Of course, you can't tell me you would have all the emails you are sending out furnished with discount codes to get engrossed to the end.

 On average, your readers have barely 20 seconds to spend on your email before they lose interest. Too bad, isn't it? Well, you have to hook them ASAP, and a good story sure does!  

What storytelling elements do you need to bake that irresistibly delicious email that your recipients gulp to the end? You need to integrate characters into your emails. These are characters blended with a compelling narrative to incite a sentimental reaction from your reader. This way, your recipient better connects with these characters in your email. 

You can integrate a dramatic emotional crescendo, especially if you are a small business owner. Talk about your ordeals, the frustration, the triumphs, the challenges… all of that to get your audience reading to the end with bated breath.    

So, these are some powerful email marketing hacks that can help you accelerate your growth after the pandemic. Truth is, it is not your fault that the pandemic broke out. But it is directly your responsibility how your business reacts to it. Integrate these strategies into your email marketing and watch your revenue bags fill up like a pandemic never happened!

Eula Blue is a strategic growth consulting company. We have been the powerhouse driving the revenue and economic resurgence of many brands across the globe after the devastation of the pandemic. We take a holistic approach, building your business inside out, leveraging cutting edge data analytics, market research, revolutionary branding, and digital marketing. Book a session with us today let us show you the real definition of magic!


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